Oversized Silicone Turbo Intake Pipe For Audi A3 TT Seat Leon VW Golf AUM AUQ AWU AWP AWD AWW 1.8l F21T turbo

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Oversized Silicone Turbo Intake Pipe Fit Audi A3 TT Seat Leon VW Golf 1.8T 163 180HP AUM AUQ

This 1ST-RACING hoses are constructed using a high quality silicone polyester or nomex compound. 

Its further reinforced with a polyester layer to provide a more rigid structure to prevent collapse of hose under high boost conditions whilst sustaining pressure which is essential for the smooth delivery of power and quicker turbo spool resulting in increased performance and improved throttle response.

This product was primarily designed for the standard k03 and k03s turbo cars without the need for additional hardware joins in the pipe etc. 

Please note:

due to this hose being oversized and the limited space available for fitting, you will find an obstruction caused by a metal coolant pipe which runs close to the turbo intake pipe, you would be required to unbolt the metal coolant pipe from its mounting bracket and move slightly away from the engine to accommodate the oversized hose. 

Professional installation is recommended. 

This pipe will NOT fit the standard k03 and the k03s turbos. only for 2" inlet turbo as F21T 

Compatibile Makes and Models:

Audi A3 1.8T (8L) 180HP 132Kw 1998-2003 AJQ;APP;ARY;AUQ

Audi A3 1.8T (8L) 150HP 110Kw 1998-2003 AGU;AQA;ARX; ARZ;AUM

Audi TT 1.8T (8N) 2001-2006 150HP AUM

Audi TT 1.8T (8N) 2005-2006 163HP BVP

Audi TT 1.8T (8N) 1999-2006 180HP AUM/AUQ/ARY

Seat Ibiza III 1.8T Cupra R 2004-2007 180HP BKV/BJX/BBU/BLZ

Seat Leon 1.8T 180HP 1999-2005 JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Seat Toledo II 1.8T 3003-2004 180HP JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Skoda Octavia I 1.8T RS 2000 180HP JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Volkswagen Beetle 1.8T 2000-2004 180HP JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Volkswagen Bora 1.8T 2002-2005 180HP JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Volkswagen Golf IV 1.8T 2000 180HP JAE,AWP,AUM,AWU,AWV,BKF,BNU

Volkswagen Polo IV GTI Cup Edition 2006-2010 180HP BBU

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